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Stay tuned for full details about the 2012 Bandwagon Roadshow


Do you have an event you would like to cross promote with the Bandwagon Roadshow? Are you a local or national promoter looking to get involved with a new, nationally touring entertainment brand?  If so then you should reach out to Jimi Beach at [email protected]


Do you have the perfect product for a marketing allignment with the 2012 Bandwagon Roadshow? Would you benefit from exposure in 35 top U.S. markets.


Become associated with the hotest new brand that combines the best of car culture and live concert performances. You, or your company, can set up shop at the Bandwagon Roadshow to intereact with thousands of dedicated fans and network with hundreds of other exhibitors. 


To have your band considered to play on the Bandwagon Roadshow festival or to hear your latest tracks live on the air at RadioBandwagon, all interested musicians should contact Joseph Martens at


There are still opportunities for artists to submit for the LIVE ART COMPOUND (restrictions apply), or have a presense in the VENDOR'S VILLAGE.

Performers - Dancers

Have a skill that you think may make a good contribution to the TROUBLEMAKERS?  Dancers, actors, firebreathers...all talent is considered.

Car Show Participants

So you've got a pretty cool ride? There's room at the Bandwagon Roadshow for ALL showcars (even if they kind-of suck). By entering the American Roadshow Competition you'll have a parking spot up close to the action, and a place for you and your friends to hang and network with others.  As long as your car is either "old" or has "show quality" then your welcome to participtate....and yes the offer is extended to trucks, race vehicles (as long as they can drive into space under their own power), and even MOTORCYCLES (we will allow two motorcycles to park in a single car space and for a single entry fee).


Volunteers get to see Bandwagon behind the scenes and do a great community service by helping us do bigger and better things at the Roadshow. Volunteers can also earn tickets to the show, get swag, and can put their hours toward meeting a community service requirement. We accept volunteers of all ages, interests, and abilities.

Contact Us

Top Speed Adventures, LLC
511 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Executive Producer - Jimi Beach - [email protected]
Festival Director - [email protected]
Marketing - [email protected]
Live Production - [email protected]
Operations – [email protected]
RadioBandwagon – [email protected]
Car Show Inquiries - [email protected]

All photos Copyright 2011 by their respective owners: Barbee Cain, Jonathan Owen, Brian Hawks, Curt Littlecot, Tracy May, Gabe LeBlanc, Jimi Beach and David Segal.