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Travis Smith

I am a native floridian raised in Kissimmee, I started painting at the age of 6 and now at 38 I am just discovering the reason within my art…

Working in the field of artistic endevours for over 20 years as a restorater, art director, gallery curator, head designer of an international art consultant corporation, thus a  meager and humble artist, I have learned a trick or two about the science within the process of art. To me, image or subject matter becomes secondary. The process, the technique, used throughout a pieces fruition is the pinnicle and main goal. I have no studio, no gallery shows, no following "(per se)". All my work I give to friends or sell on the streets of Orlando, blessed by individuals who find something intriguing about my work.

I try to strip the work of any political, social, and religious meanings as we all have our own opinions for who am I to force my ideologies onto another through art. Let the viewer derive meaning from that which is being observed, plain and simple. Humor and gritty urban imagery are primarily the subject matter used, if any at all. Each of us are the greatest representation of the universes artistic endevor, I am but a tool to exude that whim or muse...

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Tatood Bill

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tattood Bill has been a resident of Orlando for over 20 years. He has been actively involved in the local art scene in Central Florida for many years and has worked on several commercial projects as well as private commissions. His work is filled with bright saturated colors depicting subject matters in unique and varying degrees of realism crossed with his own unique artistic perspective. He was lead artist on the GIBSON GUITARTOWN PROJECT and has completed three of the 10 foot Les Paul sculptures to date. One is at Yankee stadium in New York, one is at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and one is at the Gibson offices here in Orlando.

His team ART SQWAD is a group of local artisans that are as varied in their styles as the worlds they originate from. The team is based out of Graffiti Junktion in Downtown Orlando which Bill is a founding partner of.

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Bonnie Sprung

Diverse in many points of interest Bonnie Sprung brings all her talents into whatever she is creating.  The sculpture of her physique, muscles captured on film, theatrical stages transformed, the many workings of graphics, illustration, oils, public art and computer takes Bonnie in all types of directions.

Florida landscapes of watery jungles are constant images captured on film in B&W then brought to life in two to three oil color combinations on acrylic stained canvas.  Digital images printed out on watercolor papers and finished with acrylic and oils.

Bonnie is a member of the Women's Caucus for Art and is a past president of the Florida Chapter.  She has exhibited her work in several shows over the years with the caucus and solo.

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Jon Gardner

My artistic background is as a Draftsman, Photographer, and a Calligrapher.  Recently I've delved into painting with unexpected success.  Since I've switching to paint on glass and plexiglass, the Art Community has taken notice.  My passion is Live Street Painting, in front of the public, but recently I've moved some of my pieces inside the Gallery.

Some of my favorite pieces of art that I've created, are collaborations with fellow Artists. Every new person I come across has expanded my ability and opened my mind to new possibilities.  And most have felt the same in return.

I've been a contributing artist at the Starving Senses show at The Social. Invited and street painted at the UNITY event in Downtown Orlando.  And I'm currently filling my portfolio for a Gallery show in November in College Park.  Many weekends you can see me creating in front of the City Art Factory in Downtown Orlando.

I paint to live.  Not for a living.... to be alive.  And I'm more alive now that any other time in my life.

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Jason Hawk

Jason Hawk is a visual artist in Central Florida working mostly in oils and acrylics. He has been making a living as an artist for 12 years. Most of his subject matter comes from people he's met in the field and his observations of how they approach life. Luckily most of his artist friends are pretty odd and give him plenty of ideas.

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Mauricio Murillo

Mauricio Murillo aka “Mr. Murillo” is from Orlando, Florida where his origins in art come from street art and has now emerged as one of the most "out of the box" fine art photographers and painters in the New Brow/ Low Brow genre. His humor, craftsmanship,and colorful depictions of life through his photographs of Gummy Bears and his paintings of his sad, temperamental character “Lone-Lee” has brought much attention among audiences of all ages. He has been a big part of bringing new and exciting art to Central Florida’s low brow art scene and you can now find his artwork all over the Internet and throughout galleries on the East Coast.

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Anita Scott

My name is Anita Scott; I was born in Santiago, Chile on January 11, 1977. I was born with a passion for art. As a child, art was my voice when I was unable to speak; it was a creative act that brought about self healing. It was a means for me to be more focused, express imagination, and now I know it is my universal communicator. My art speaks of the human condition, my art is motivated by a purpose to share unconditional love, and I communicate this through abstract expressionism. The medium I mostly use is acrylics but I have been known to dabble in several mediums. I enjoy exploring the different realms of other textures and constantly challenging my perspective. In order to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention I paint using my soul(medium), acrylic (glue), and canvas as my support. My art is often intended to appeal and connect with human emotion. It can arouse aesthetic or moral feelings, and can be understood as a way of communicating these feelings. I strive to express something that arouses my audience. I bring a new insight concerning the human condition through the brush strokes of hope, love, peace that invoke understanding. I want my art to speak when I am unable too. I want to inspire creation within you the power to be free from restrictions. Art has no boundaries and neither do we. If my art was a paragraph I would want the final sentence to read" There was Hope.” 

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Born in Bogotá, Colombia my mother was a free-spirited gypsy and my father, being an intellectual, was not as carefree. Throughout my childhood we traveled extensively, moved frequently, and during this process I began seeking life. I have discovered bits and pieces of myself within the world that surrounds me. Through a sea of feelings and interactions, I found balance between black and white and realized that words and people are fascinating to me.

From the inside out I explore the world and the events that are happening in this, my time. With my Art I share myself, my heart, my journey as well as the objects and people that are part of it. I have a sentimental heart therefore this Art is my heart exposed. I feel that my Art not only translates the inaudible language of the heart but also reflects the power of the spirit, how it overcomes trial and tribulation only to reemerge stronger.

My pieces and I both share a bittersweet romanticism in the internal and external realms. My artwork speaks of emotion because sometimes the most significant things are unexplainable. Each piece I create evolves from a compilation of feelings - the timelessness of love, the beauty in peeling off a scar, the overwhelming sensation of breaking in the dark, happiness, pain, and the realm of in-between dreams. They are as purposely imperfect as life is complex.

With my Art I find culmination and synthesis, I find enlightenment and attain a broader perspective of the world. In creating, I am at peace and enjoy the freedom of thought. Inspiration and comprehension are ecstasy to my soul. However brief, these are glimpses of the great mysteries of life. “Solve et Coagula”.

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The Night Train

Welcome to the Night Train

The Night Train invites you to experience the night of your life! We pride ourselves in our unsurpassed level of punctual and professional service. Our drivers have been in both the transportation industry, and the hospitality industry for over 25 years combined. Excellence in service and satisfaction of our clients is top priority on each and every event. We provide our clients with an experienced transportation conductor to assist the driver and guests,as needed throughout their voyage. The Night Train is the ultimate transportation experience.

We cater to all types custom transportation requests, including Corporate-Outings, tradeshow and convention transports,and special private events. Allow us to help create an exciting and memorable experience for your next time out on the town.

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Michelle Nicole

Born and raised in the sunny state florida, Inspired through my life situations- good and bad, friends, family, and strangers, Positive and negative moments in my life trigger me to create diverse things. Im very spontaneous, my artwork is far from organized…when it comes to creating, I dont concentrate on one subject or medium because there are so many beautiful things, places, people and ideas at my finger tips, I get bored quick creating the same thing over and over..I mainly work with watercolors and acrylics, I also enjoy shooting film and digital photography.

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